Friday, April 27, 2012

New Life for some Old Furniture

Taking the old, making it fun, cheap, and cheerful. I love re purposing all my old furniture when doing a new room. My older daughter had a desk we used in her old room. We took that desk, re-painted it, and it totally changed it's personality and looks brand new.

Here's how it looked before. It went in her room in our old house that looked like this.
I re-painted it to match the new room, and now it looks like this...
In her room that looks like this!
We also re purposed an old mirror that was a top of a dresser and made it into a one of a kind head board.
We took out the center mirror, painted it the hot pink color of course, picked out some fun fabric, and then upholstered and tufted it with diamond buttons. We took some wood, put batting on top and stapled the fabric to it. We then marked the back of the wood where we wanted the buttons, drilled some holes in the wood and took strong thread and sewed the buttons on. I think the whole thing cost about $50 bucks.
Do you see the bench on the end of this bed? We took the bench, re painted it, and re upholstered the top with black fabric and ended up with a fun seat in my daughter's room.

She has a great bench, for very little money. I love taking something old and making it new and fresh again!
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