Friday, March 27, 2015

Accent walls

We have still been working on finishing the main floor wainscoting this past week. We have the fireplace wall done...not painted, but framed out, and I love it!
It started out a plain wall with just backer board nailed to it.  We then measured, measured again, and measured again until we came up with the right dimensions for the molding. We ripped four inch MDF boards, measured again, and cut them to fit.
Once the boards were ripped and cut we started assembling.  It went pretty quickly at that point.
We decided to trim around the fireplace with two inch boards.  I want the wall to have a clean look to it, so I decided to not have any stone or tile around the fireplace.
This is how it looks today.  I love the results.  We are going to caulk it, add crown and base moldings, then paint the whole thing white. I am going to add a wood mantle to it once the painting is done.
I think this added just the right amount of character to this room.

I love feature walls, they quickly become my favorite thing in a room.  I have been using a lot of molding, and light colors in this house, but I have painted a lot of feature walls in my other homes using bold pops of color.
This was a wall in my other home. We didn't use molding on that wall, but I used paint colors. I measured out the squares, taped them off, then picked my color pattern I wanted to use.  It was fast, affordable, and fun.  I just used those sample paints you can get at Lowes for three dollars each and went to work.  I love the molding, but there are a lot of other alternatives to do if you want to add a little personality to a room just by using paint.

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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Over Christmas we demo'd some walls to make an opening for new columns for our staircase.  Well, after finishing the wood upstairs, painting the stairway, and painting the upstairs and entry, we finally are making progress on the columns.

We drew up some plans, and went to work covering the two by fours with MDF and backerboard.  Both products paint up nicely.

We measured how big we want the recessed panel to be, and ripped some MDF strips on the table saw. We brought them in, put them together, and then nailed them when we were happy with how the seams looked.

We decided to build out the bottom with wainscoting and leave the top plain.  I liked the way it still kept the entry open, but adds a lot of character and detail.  I need to fill the holes in with spackle, we need to caulk, then I can paint them a lovely shade of white.

We are also busy putting the backer board up for the rest of the wainscoting on the main level.  It is a lot of work, but it is also  fun watching it come together. Pin It

Monday, March 16, 2015

My fun clock project

About twelve years ago my hubby built me a clock for Christmas. I love this clock, and have been looking for the perfect place to put it in our home.  After we got the wood done in the upstairs hall, we decided the natural spot for the clock would be in the hall.  I was so excited, the only problem was the paint color.

The color that I had painted it matched the rooms in our old home, not this one.  I am keeping the hallway pretty neutral, just black and white photos, even the chair in the landing is black and white. I knew I wanted a pop of color.  You can see the clock from the downstairs entry so I needed it to also match the colors I am painting in my downstairs rooms.  I decided on my favorite butter yellow color.  I had a can outside in my paint cabinet, so I could paint the clock for free!  I took the door off, all the hinges, and the clock face out of the front.  I painted the mat around the clock face a dark gray color to match the yellow and walls better. By the way...painting picture mat is super easy and totally works!

It turned out great, it was an easy project to do, and with just a little more accessorizing it will be ready to go! Pin It

Tuesday, March 10, 2015


We have finished installing the wood upstairs. It looks amazing, and I am excited! Everywhere except the bedrooms has wood floor and it opens up the space making it feel warm and spacious. I chose a engineered acacia wood floor. I love the dark floors and light walls.

It has been a lot of work...especially for my husband...but I am loving the results! Pin It

Monday, March 2, 2015

How I re finished my stair railings

We've been busy around here lately. After we got the downstairs wall demo'd we started working on the stair railings. I knew the look I wanted, and knew it would take a lot of work. The original railings were a light oak and white. We are putting a dark acacia wood on the floor, so I wanted the top of my railings to match.  We decided that instead of just painting the whole railing, we would try stripping off the varnish and stain and try re staining the wood. We used a citris stripper we found at Home Depot.
WM Barr 73803 CITRISTRIP® Paint & Varnish Stripping Gel - 1/2 Gallon
We painted it on the wood top, waited the recommended time, and scraped the finish right off. It took a lot of elbow grease, but it worked great.
Here is a picture of the stripped wood. Between the citristrip and a lot of sanding, everything came off and the wood was ready to stain. I only stripped the hand rail. We decided to paint the rest white.
Here's how it looks after we got the darker stain on it. I used a minwax stain and finished it with a rub on semi gloss polyurethane. That was the easiest part of the project. Next I got to work painting everything else.
I just painted everything else with my ultra pure white wall trim I use on all the trim in my house. I did do a first coat of zinsser primer just to guarantee the paint stayed on and did not chip. All in all with the primer, the railings got three coats of paint.

It was a lot of work, but so worth it.  I love how just by staining and painting, the railings got such a great update. Pin It