Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Over Christmas we demo'd some walls to make an opening for new columns for our staircase.  Well, after finishing the wood upstairs, painting the stairway, and painting the upstairs and entry, we finally are making progress on the columns.

We drew up some plans, and went to work covering the two by fours with MDF and backerboard.  Both products paint up nicely.

We measured how big we want the recessed panel to be, and ripped some MDF strips on the table saw. We brought them in, put them together, and then nailed them when we were happy with how the seams looked.

We decided to build out the bottom with wainscoting and leave the top plain.  I liked the way it still kept the entry open, but adds a lot of character and detail.  I need to fill the holes in with spackle, we need to caulk, then I can paint them a lovely shade of white.

We are also busy putting the backer board up for the rest of the wainscoting on the main level.  It is a lot of work, but it is also  fun watching it come together. Pin It

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