Thursday, June 28, 2012

Yard Work

Finally another post. These last couple of months have kept me so busy, that I haven't had any time to concentrate on doing important things like blog. We have been busy at our house. Mostly with the outside. We decided to cut out some flower gardens in our yard. This was so needed. Nothing bugs me more that just grass that goes to a fence.
First we planned out our design, and had the utilities come and mark for lines.  Nothing says pretty like a spray painted lawn.

Then we had a curbing guy come and cut out all the sod and do some curbing for us. I went to work, and came home to flower beds cut out for me. Seriously, that has never happened before to me. I could get use to this. Normally it is me and Jeff digging out the sod with a shovel. Nope, not this time...I have tasted what it is like to have it done for you. ha ha
Then it was planting away for us. We have a lot of flower beds to fill. I love perennials. Lillies, coral bells, lavendar, daisies. They all seem to grow well here. Jeff built up the center of the circle with stone, and we planted a tree and some strawberries around it.
It is a work in progress, but that is what I love about the yard. Nothing is ever "done," and you can constantly be thinking about new ideas.

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