Tuesday, January 8, 2013

working on the exercise room

Don't you just love this lovely peach color! This room is in my basement and was probably used as a craft room. It had a lovely flower wallpaper border which we removed, and the flooring was foam tiles. Got to love it all! 

 We chose a light gray color for the walls, then found some carpet tiles for the floor. These are the coolest things.  They stick down with adhesive tape, and are so quick to install.  I love the pattern of the different tiles in the room to give it some interest and dimension.  We are using the room for our exercise equipment, so we didn't want regular plush carpet.  This is perfect!
 There was this funky florescent light  on the side of the room. It must have been over a desk. We removed the light and installed this cool ceiling fan to keep the room cool when we exercise.

Just a little molding, and this room is ready to use.  A fun, and inexpensive room reno. Pin It

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