Tuesday, July 9, 2013

DIY Cupcake stands

I was in desperate need....want for cupcake stands to display some cupcakes I made for the fourth of July. I couldn't find any that I loved, so I decided to make a couple of my own. We were in Bed Bath and Beyond and I found plastic plates on sale for just 99 cents. Who could beat that? I grabbed enough plates and cups  to make two of them. 

I loved the square floral plates and the green bowl and circle plate. It had a whimsical look to it.  I was trying to decide what to put in the middle, when we found the matching drinking cups and decided to try those. I loved it.  It was way easy to assemble. First we traced the bottom bowl and grabbed the E 6000 glue. We  put glue both on the bottom of the bowl and the circle on the plate we traced.  Wait five minutes, then put them together.  Then we glued and traced the rest of the layers until we completed two great and functional cupcake stands.

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  1. Those are cute!

    I was in BB&B today and got some nice placemats that were clearanced to 99 cents.