Wednesday, August 13, 2014

It's gray and I love it!

Yay my walls are painted and I love the color! It is a soft gray tone with a touch of blue in it. I spent the day last week painting my wainscoting white, and I love the contrast of the two colors. I love trim, and I love it painted white. Just plain, clean white. The white I always use is ultra white from Behr right off the shelf, in a satin finish.  I find for myself that if the white is more of an off white, it tends to look dirty to me.

We picked two medicine cabinets in an oil rubbed finish for above our sinks. I am one who does like medicine cabinets. I have been living without them for three years now, and I have missed having all of my toiletries just above me ready to use. I love the storage it offers to a bathroom space. Just above my hubby built some beautiful trim I need to paint so we can install the lights.

Speaking of lights, I am giddy about this light we picked out for the center of the room. I love being able to have a pretty light in my bathroom. We are building a beam for it to hang on that matches the wood counter tops we are going to build. Can't wait to start that process. That is next, then tile, and then my favorite... all the finishing touches. So excited! Pin It

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