Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Floor D.E.M.O

Finally! After four years we are tearing up the main level.  We have done this level in stages, so we have paint and molding done, now we can add the finishing touches and put in the floor.  I am excited because the kitchen is next. The cabinets are being built, and I can see the end.
  Here is the before the demo picture. The floors were wood, but too light and they didn't run through the whole level.  I wanted the same dark wood we used for the upstairs on the whole main level, so we had to tear up the old floor.

We were lucky. None of the wood was glued down so it came out pretty easily.  I think the whole floor took us about three to four hours to take it out.
 I love having my kids help.  I constantly tell them that these skills they are learning are skills they can take with them and always have to fall back on.  I also tell my boy how eligible this makes him with the ladies.  Who wouldn't want a man who knows how to build. :)
This is what he thought of that comment. Ha Ha

The floor is out, and already it looks better.  We have a lot of wood to lay down, but I think it is going to be awesome! Pin It

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