Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Post number one

This is a new start, new house, new blog for me.  I have been blogging in the past, doing a family blog, but I wanted a place to journal about all the home projects that we do.  I love looking back on all the other ideas I have done on my other homes, so this blog will be a journey through all the change we are going to make in this home.  We purchased our home about nine months ago with the plan to completely re-do everything. So far we have done some yard work, built a shed, and re-done the garage.  Just recently, I have completed the girl's rooms, which were a fun and colorful project for us. Here is a picture of our home, and some of the changes that have taken place.

We took out a tree in the front, and I painted the door turquoise.
I am eventually going to get a new front door, but I love the life the color gave to this door. It is great how a little paint can completely transform something.  We built the shed in the end of the summer to house all the yard tools, and completely re-did the garage. Epoxied the floor and painted the walls. The jobs were big, but with each little project, the house is starting to feel like ours.
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