Friday, March 16, 2012 it!

I love adding personality and color to a room by making things. Either painting old furniture, or using fabrics. I love giving new life to things, doing a room on the cheap (inexpensive). Everything we did in my girl's room we made ourselves, or re-purposed. For instance, we decided that the room was too small for the current desk we had for it. So we chopped the desk in half, using the drawers on the bottom of the bed, and the other half as the desk. Love how it turned out, and besides the paint, it was free! Can't beat that.
Here is how the desk looked before.

After a little sawing and repairing, here is how it looks after.
It fits perfectly between her windows, and is just the right size to do some coloring on. I painted different colored squares on the top to add some personality, and to repeat the quilt pattern of her headboard. My hubby added some bead board to the side of the desk to finish it off, and for very little money, we gave new life to this desk.
Here is where the drawers from the other side of the desk ended up.
Totally worked on the bottom of her bed, and she still kept her storage for all her important things.
Love re-purposing, saves money, and it really personalizes a room and makes it yours! Pin It

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