Thursday, June 20, 2013

A little bit of demo

There has been a little bit of demo going on around here. I  didn't like the floor plan in our basement. It felt like it was just a maze of rooms. We did not need one of the rooms by the stairs, so we decided to tear out the wall and make it one open space.  We didn't need a family room right there, we have a theater room in the basement already, so we decided that a great craft space would be awesome for our family.  Here is the floor plan and what it looked like before we took out the wall.
It was a small room and the hallway felt even smaller. So we took our hammers and ripped the wall apart. Of course being careful of all the wires and turning of the electricity first.
It was a family affair.
We took out all the wood and framing. There is just one supporting piece that has to stay. I think a column at the bottom of the stairs will solve that problem. It looks so much more spacious now. A great blank canvas for a fun craft room for the family. It opened the basement right up, and it became a relatively easy fix to our basement floor plan dilemma. Pin It

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