Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Taking it outside

It has been a while since I have posted. It is not because I haven't been busily working away in my home, but because I have been busily working away outside my home.  I have been working as an aid at a school this past school year.  I can't believe how much time I don't have to do things like blog when I am working.  I have missed blogging. I use this blog as a journal of sorts, and I enjoy recording my decorating experiences, and looking back on them.
That being said, I am excited for the Summer! Time! We have been working hard in our yard these past couple of months.  Last year I cut out and put curbing in my whole yard. We didn't finish planting everything last year. That has been what we have been doing all spring. Here is what the yard looked like before. Keep in mind, when we moved in, the whole backyard was just dandelions. My husband and I purchased this house when there was still snow on the ground, and moved in when there was a bunch of weed. Needless to say we freaked out just a little.

We pulled out all the bushes in the front, worked hard on reviving the lawn in the back, and added new flower beds.

I love planting perennials. I love that they are low maintenance and come back every year. I have had great luck planting the perennials in my flower gardens, and keeping my annuals in my pots. I also like using mulch around the plants. It keeps the weeds down, and I hardly ever have to go out there and weed.  I enjoy watching the flowers grow, and the yard grow and evolve. I love adding and moving and taking away each year.  Yard work defiantly makes me happy! Pin It

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