Thursday, August 1, 2013

Go Bold

It is pretty and hot here today. Put me right in the mood to show my bright additions to my yard.  If you are scared of color, the yard is a perfect place to start playing and adding color to your home.  I wanted to go bright this year and decided to use reds, apple greens, turquoises, and yellows to make my yard pop.  The yard is such a fun place to add color because it is easy to do, and easy to change. I change colors every year by just using spray paint.
We sprayed the black table red and found these way fun cushions at home goods. The sun that is hanging on the window on my shed I sprayed green, and the pots in the corner, yep, I sprayed them too. It is a happy place to have dinner for sure.

I had these chairs on my porch last year and decided they would look great on my little patio area by my shed. I just sprayed them turquoise for a fun pop of color.
I even brought the bright colors to the front and sprayed the clock turquoise too. It is metal, easy to paint, and if I want it a different color next summer I will just spray it again.
I even brought the color over to the side of my porch as well. It is bright, fun, and really livens up my yard and is a great accent to all my flowers. 
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  1. Those are my colors! Love it!

    Love, love, love your green door!