Tuesday, August 27, 2013

The story of my console

Life has been so busy with the end of summer fun, school shopping, and school starting. I am finally happy that I have time to post on my most favorite topic. Re-finishing furniture. Now that my theater room is done, I have decided that the console I painted is one of my most favorite pieces I have done in a long time.  This piece of furniture was such a lucky find.  We knew that we wanted a built in unit for the television but didn't know if we were going to go totally built in or find a cool piece to go in the middle.  We were walking around the DI one Saturday looking for white elephant gifts, and stumbled upon this piece of furniture.

The models were not included. :) This was your typical seventies piece of furniture.  We seriously walked past it twice.  We measured it, took a good look, and decided to bring it home with us.  I love how well furniture of that era was built. This thing is solid! I decided at once that I would paint it white and spray those fun chunky knobs dark gray.
Once the room was primed and the shelves next to it were built, I went to work painting it.  I always start my paint projects with this product.
Best product ever. It cleans and sands your furniture all at once. Just wet a rag with the product, wipe it on the furniture, and start painting. It totally bonds your paint to the furniture.  Just a side note, this works on all woods, but if you are painting something like laminate you need to use zinsser primer first. I just painted with the same paint I paint my trim with and sprayed the knobs with rustoleum spray paint.
I am so glad that we had vision for this piece of furniture. When you paint old furniture you save so much money, and you have a one of a kind piece that no one else has. Pin It

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