Thursday, August 15, 2013

It's a paint party

One of the first things we did for this theater room is to prime and paint everything white. I always use either Kilz, or in this case, I used Zinzer brand primer. It really neutralized that horrible blue color.  The can lights are in and waiting to be painted around, and all the molding is done and painted  in a pure white satin paint.  My hubby built the columns the go along the wall, and even added a little bit of light in them for a fun touch. He found LED lights that you can cut and have adhesive backing so he could stick them in the openings of the columns.  The shelves and console at the end of the room are going to be white, and the walls are going to be painted a smoky gray.
I always paint my ceilings. I think that they are as big of a feature as the walls, and I wanted this room to be no exception.  I chose to paint the ceiling the same butter yellow color that I  painted  in the rest of my basement.
This is a view towards the other side of the room. We kept the room as an actual theater room. It already had the step up for furniture, but the step went all across right to the doorway.  We decided to cut it out and make it curved to make the room feel less choppy.
I am really happy with both the color and the moldings. The columns my hubby did are awesome,  and I love the dark gray against all that white. Pin It


  1. oh i love that color and the trim now pops!

  2. Wow that was a bright blue you had to cover! It looks great. I love the gray against the white trim work.