Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Giving things new life

I love finding items and giving them new life. Creating something with them to use them a different way than was intended. It is a fun creative outlet.  This project was actually my hubby's idea. We had bought this lantern at Hobby Lobby to use as an accessory on a shelf in our room. We were looking for a lamp for our night stand and decided this would work great as a lamp.  With a little drilling and electrical it became a lamp just like that. 

Another fun idea is to re purpose old windows or doors as picture frames. I found a window that fit 8x10 mats to display some pictures in our room.  I used wrapping paper I got from Tai Pan for the other panes. Easy, easy, easy way to display pictures in a room or hallway.
Re purposing things adds fun and creativity to any space. It is also a fun and economical way to use and recycle old items. 
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