Thursday, May 28, 2015

Mud Room

We are making progress on our main level.  This past weekend we worked hard getting the new mud room ready for paint and tile.  This room is right off the garage and use to be the laundry/computer desk/mudroom.  We have moved our laundry room upstairs, the desk will be in the kitchen, and now I am going to have a for real mud room with cabinet lockers to store all the shoes, backpacks, coats..... Lets just say I am excited for this room!

We painted this room the same notre dame gray that I used throughout the main living space of the house.
I used the same vintage black and white tile that I tiled the rest of our bathrooms with. I found these two school house lights and knew they needed to be part of this room.  We decided that we needed a sink in the room to have a place to wash hands and paint brushes...anything kind of messy that I don't want to wash in my kitchen sink.  I love it! We are just waiting on the cabinets to come, then this mud room will be finished.

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