Friday, March 21, 2014

Easiest change in a room...painting furniture

We have been working on our game room these past few weeks. I have to say that my favorite part of any room is picking out and painting the color.  I chose a soft yellow butter color for my walls, my furniture is red, and I needed to pick a third pop of color to really ground the room.  I found this console well over a year ago at the DI for not much money at all.  I knew I needed a place to put the TV on and this was just the piece I needed for the room.
This is a classic example of an old seventies piece of furniture that most people would walk by and ignore. Not me.  I love to look at old pieces and re imagine them.  The knobs were broken, the stain was chipped, but I knew that with a little color this piece would be fabulous!
We decided to pick a bright turquoise for the paint color and I went to work painting it.
As usual I started with wiping it down with my liquid sand product, then I just used a satin turquoise wall paint. It took two coats to cover. I let it dry and distressed it a little.

It seriously didn't look like the same piece anymore. I added some fun knobs to give it a little character. I actually used outdoor gate pulls for the drawer pulls and found these fun crystal knobs at Hobby Lobby.  I love adding fun knobs to my projects. It adds a lot of personality. For not a lot of money and not too much work, I had a great piece of fun furniture for my room.  It pays to really look at the things you may have and re think them in other ways. It may be just the thing your room needs to add a little wow to it. Pin It

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